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Boss Club Foundation aims to inspire confidence and ignite creativity in students through the pursuit of entrepreneurship.

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We are passionate about helping students experience life change through entrepreneurship.

Britany Bleistein


Entrepreneur, doula, choir nerd, wife to Jason. My favorite part of Boss Club is seeing the light-bulb moments happen with these kids. They are learning not only important business skills, but also invaluable life lessons that will stay with them into adulthood.

David Grubbs


Entrepreneur, pilot, motorcycle racing enthusiast, husband to Daniella, and owner of a small farm with just about every animal you can imagine. My favorite part of Boss Club is seeing kids conquer their fears and develop courage they will carry the rest of their lives no matter what they end up doing.

Charlie Gasmire


Entrepreneur, pilot, husband to Corey, and dog dad to Bruce. My first business was a lemonade stand (classic!) followed by a shoe shining business. My favorite part of Boss Club is seeing the smile on kids' faces when they hold a dollar bill in their hand from their first sale.

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Our story.

In 2011, David Grubbs was teaching entrepreneurship at the collegiate level at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. It was there that he and Charlie Gasmire met and started several ventures together over the coming years. A frequent reflection on the time spent at the University, the two agreed that entrepreneurship can and should be taught much earlier in a student's life, as the lessons go much deeper than just business training.

Entrepreneurship is a teaching vehicle to learn and practice financial literacy, people skills and confidence, adaptability and grit, and stewardship through giving back.

While entrepreneurship has received more attention through popular shows like "Shark Tank" and "The Profit", and movies like "The Social Network" and "The Founder", there really isn't an effective way to teach entrepreneurship to the next generation. Until now.

In 2018, Charlie Gasmire and David Grubbs started Boss Club, a company focused on providing practical entrepreneurial education for students across the country. Ranging from self-guided business kits to semester-long school curriculum, Boss Club provides a step-by-step model to starting a business and learning the basics of entrepreneurship. That company has been growing quickly as more and more people want to give their children and students an approachable and tangible way to experience the basics of entrepreneurship and the lessons it teaches.

To date, Boss Club has helped hundreds and hundreds of young people start businesses across the country.

The feedback on Boss Club from students and families has been tremendous as they have enough structure to get started with a business, but enough freedom to exercise their creativity.

In an effort to make entrepreneurship accessible to all students and families regardless of means of circumstance, Boss Club Foundation was formed in 2019.

A three-week summer entrepreneurship program was piloted in Waco, Texas using the proven business kits and curriculum from Boss Club. 125 students registered for the program in a matter of days and the pilot went tremendously well!

Here is a highlight video as well as some of the feedback from students and parents:

Based on the success of the 2019 pilot, Boss Club Foundation filed its 501(c)(3) application and began fundraising to sponsor students for 2020 programs both in Waco and Dallas, Texas.

Grubbs and Gasmire made Boss Club and Boss Club Foundation their full-time pursuits and recruited Britany Bleistein to be the Foundation's third Director.

Boss Club Foundation's goal is to provide access to entrepreneurial education across Texas in the short term, and eventually the entire country. Through partnering with amazing individual donors, other foundations, and corporate sponsors, the summer entrepreneurship programs are available to students at no cost.

So far hundreds and hundreds of students will be able to start businesses in 2020 because of the generosity of our community partners and sponsors.

Together we are striving to equip the next generation with the grit, adaptability, financial literacy and stewardship, and creativity that uniquely comes from pursuing entrepreneurship.

Boss Club Foundation


Boss Club Foundation is a Texas non-profit corporation that received its 501(c)(3) public charity tax-exempt status effective October 2019. Financial and certain in-kind contributions made to Boss Club Foundation are tax deductible under the Internal Revenue Code.

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